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6 Tips To Make Your Flowers Last Longer

Most flower arrangements can last anywhere between 3-7 days. You can help extend the life of your arrangements by following these tips: 

1. Make sure that the flower vase is clean and sanitized. Any bacteria left over in the vase can multiply and cause your arrangements to have a shorter shelf life. 

2. Keep your vase filled with fresh water. Refresh with new water every few days. 

3. Keep flowers away from direct sunlight and in a cool spot of your house.  Things like air ducts, televisions, windows, ceiling fans, radiators can all dehydrate and wilt your flowers quickly. 

4. Remove welted flower as soon as you notice them, or the ethylene gas they release may cause flowers to die quickly.

5. Before putting your flowers in its vase, make sure you give the stems a cut with a clean and sharp knife/scissors. It's also important to cut the stems on an angle, this allows more surface of the stem to be in the water. 

6. Strip all of the leaves from the stem that will go below the water line. 

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